Sunday, 16 December 2012

Are you ready to Make Your Life Healthy?

Make Your Life Healthy! Isn’t that something that everyone wants? Well, maybe…but who really wants to WORK at it? Not many people! And that is the problem.
Okay America! It's time to WAKE UP and get healthy! Every day I read more and more news, hear more studies, see more examples of just how unhealthy we are continuing to become! Diabetes! Cancer! Alzheimer's! COPD! and on and on and on! Many of these diseases can be avoided with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
In our society of medical miracles, of new drugs and of every kind of life-extending procedures possible, our country  is still dying of preventable diseases. We have the world's highest death rate due to coronary artery disease; we are third in the world for diabetes related deaths, and ninth in the world due to various types of cancer. With the greatest medical treatments available, why are we still killing ourselves? The one thing that we have the most control of, our body,is the one thing that we avoid caring for the most. By controlling our diets, our exercise program and our nutrition, we can extend our own lives.
It is easy to blame it on our life styles,  our fast-paced, hectic schedules, and the restaurants that "force" feed us. It is time for us to take charge! We need to make the decision to save our own lives. If you just take one thing from each of our programs and incorporate it into your life, your life would be healthier! It's all a matter of doing something today to avoid or correct something tomorrow!
Make Your Life Healthy looks at six different topics each week: Health, nutrition, diet, exercise, mental, physical and spiritual health. We spend literally hours of time researching the topics in advance: On the Internet, interviewing doctors and specialists, and then we present the information back to you in ways that anyone can understand. But more than just an educational program, we want to give you tidbits of ideas that can help you make everyday changes that can save your life.
I hope you can join us every week as we discuss ways to Make Your Life Healthy.


  1. Yeah, it is an educational article that promotes to a healthy lifestyle and we have to be serious in implementing it in our lives. Thanks, friend.